Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Prompted by the posting of a few Ceefax tracks on Cosmobells, I thought I'd dust off my collection as there seems to be an interest!

There's 44 tracks here, and I recorded them off the telly around 1999 - they were recorded straight onto Minidisc, but I could only record from TV in mono. Although it was just a B&W portable, the sound quality is superb, and due to a lack of MDs/resources I chucked out a few of the slower tunes, so I have an unusually funky collection here for you too!

Also there are a few fadeouts - but they are genuine BBC transmission fadeouts, probably to make way for 'The Learning Zone' if memory serves..

Slothy's Ceefax Album 130Mb

Recorded and Encoded by Slothy@128kbps (128 mono = 256 stereo)


  1. MEGGA Thank you Slothy..and the best bit is Mandelson beheaded...yes I know about MD's you just don't see them on the shelves anymore the supermarkets used to have them and you get funny looks if you ask for them.They came in and out so fast...you can still get DAT tapes tho

  2. There's still a demand for MDs - I got a Hi-MD Walkman 2nd hand last summer as they make great location recorders - the menu's a bugger though, I always end up shouting at it!

  3. Yes I still have a Couple of Sony JE530 series
    just in case anybody needs backing tracks on MD but trying to find a new regular supply of blanks is difficult, listened last night great collection ! nearly all done on a Roland Sound Canvas and sound remarkably fresh considering The Sound Canvas is long gone

  4. Slothey I need your help or anyone who might read this message. I am looking for The Two Ronnies - Jehosophat and Jones album can anyone help get a copy of this very funny album thank you

  5. thanx for the tunz slothy!

  6. can anyone put names/music libaries to some of these tunes? About 10 are absolutely fantastic and i want to find them!

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  8. ah - i think you are japanese and are trying to direct us to this - am i right?



  9. most of the tracks used by the bbc for ceefax seem to come from the funtastik music library

  10. Thanks for that tip Ooey, I'll follow that lead as I agree there are some great tunes here..

  11. type this into youtube:
    New York Train (BBC2 1999-2002)
    I think most of the tunes are from this tape. Phew! This took me a long time to research. I want the stereo version of some of these tunes so badly ;-)

  12. one of the tunes is also here:

    "universal uk - production music online"

    americian dreams cd BR323_BRG50
    track 12 - dinner at nine (supurb tune).

    Thanks for sharing these tunes with us slothy!
    More info when i find some more ;-)

  13. I'll do a compo for you and either give it to you to post on ur blog or cosmos, as a thank you for introducing me to this glorious music ;-). I'm looking for about 10 of those tracks (2 found), but if you want the others the above cd is a good lead.

  14. Cheers for the tips ooey, shouldn't you be off hunting for Nazi gold with your sleuthing skills?!? Let me know if you get a compo together..

  15. Sure thing! I think Kelly, big Joe and Oddball scooped up all the Nazi gold and headed off to Switzerland in a Tiger tank - so there was none left for me ;-)

  16. its gonna take a while to get these other tunes since i suspect they are on funtastik cds that have never been released to the public...

  17. just a couple of items here- this site might be useful to a few of you:
    the owners, phil and allison, are great people and the service is impeccable.
    secondly, i think we have something similar here in the US, however it only gives local weather forecasts. now, however, they've started using pre-recorded voice-overs for each segment ("Your local on the 8." "The pollen count."), which means that recording is pretty much useless...

  18. Recent research seems to suggest most of this music comes from the BBCs Hazel Crest Ceefax tape, which was a popular compilation used for many years. Still looking...

  19. much appreciated!
    would love to hear more collections if available, esp from the last 10 years. or 5 years if that's too far.

    i believe this album was used during the last 5 or so years.


  20. Managed to name a good number of these tracks, using both the track listings on a Yahoo Group as well as CWilliams1976's YouTube videos (the early ones that were just testcard/ceefax tracks, not the "continuity" ones he later became infamous for).

    They are (with some gaps):

    01 Hidden Light
    02 In The Open
    03 Honey Craker
    04 Heading South
    05 You And Him
    06 Boston Boy
    07 Half Moon
    08 Red Cloud
    09 Clear Choice
    10 Lucky Blue
    11 Impatience
    12 Warm Up
    13 Silver Wings
    14 Stretching
    17 Wild Wind
    18 Warm Up
    19 Silver Wings
    21 Slide Rule
    24 Choco Coca
    25 Rum Party
    26 New York Train
    27 La Cruisin
    28 Soul Groove
    29 Exotic Waves
    30 Country Memories
    31 Body Moves
    32 Ipaneman Dream
    33 Deep Down
    34 Sensual Dream
    35 Magic Dancer
    36 Wild Orchard
    39 Hazel Crest
    42 Round the World
    43 Visions

  21. I'm sniffing around here after a 'while' away - wow what a gem of a load of comments!

  22. Just found some PFC on an old tape from 1998 where I recorded a few seconds from each Hazel Crest track and some of the missing ones in the list appear there. Don't know their names though!

    Also, Choco Coca also appears on Hazel Crest under a different name it seems.

  23. Could you please upload again? Link not found.

  24. The link no longer works. It would be wonderful to hear some of these tracks again.