Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Kana Kapiolani & his Hawaiians - The Magic of Hawaii

And for a more summery theme, nothing better than the likes of Kana Kapiolani (or 'Ka Ka' to his friends). There's more here than your usual Hawaiian guitar, there's a real Gypsy Jazz feel to some of the tracks which sets it off a treat.


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Monday, 27 June 2011

Disco Tex and his Sex Omlettes

Just time to add these before dinner, a reup of DT's 'Review' as I've been alerted to its absence from this blog - I can't remember if I posted this and it disappeared, or just dreamt that I posted it. I certainly ripped it though, and here it is along with 'Manhattan Millionare' which ironically features a picture of a 'man, no hat on'. Oh never mind.

It seems I cannot glance at this LP cover without perceiving a small monkey sitting on his shoulder - but on a diet of sex omlettes you may feel the same.

Review 70Mb
Manhattan Millionaire 57Mb

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dennis Hayward - Party Dances (2 CD)

Back to the Teacore now, and Dennis Hayward serves up a particularly eclectic mix with Party Dances; see the back of the CD case below and gasp in awe at the scope of the man's talents. To have both Russ Abbott's 'Atmosphere' and 'The Birdy Song' on the same CD is surely enough to expect from any artist, but Den just has to go the extra mile - most likely a lot further than most of his audience can get.

Dennis Hayward - Party Dances (2 CD) hotfile
Dennis Hayward - Party Dances (2 CD) oron

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Friday, 24 June 2011

The DX+ Tape

What better way to prompt my sudden reappearance on this blog? After more than a year I am back for another half-hearted burst of activity, and what a treat I have here.

I have been spurred into action as I have discovered a tape I thought was lost forever! This was one of those items you start looking for one day and end up turning everything upside down in search of. In this instance, I was reduced to individually testing all my cassettes (in case the label had fallen off) before reluctantly accepting that it was gone. This was about 7 or 8 years ago!

Then today I went through a box of CD-Rom related bits and bobs with the idea of getting rid of unused CD-RWs and jewel cases, which I sorted out quite well. Nothing more to it, but about 12 hours later I casually picked up a tape which was sitting about to glance at what it was - and it was this tape! What a gift to the world!

Now some may accuse me of overselling what might appear to be 90 minutes of intensley irritating noise and the mad ravings of an eccentric friend of a friend who I haven't seen for years - and I wouldn't have a leg to stand on, particularly if it was broken and gangrenous and I was lost in the desert with Milton Keynes on fire.

Be warned as this contains swearing and sex with animals, although the animals in question have been specially adapted for the purpose.

I have let my account with Rapidshare slide as I wasn't too impressed with their changes of a few yonks ago, so I will be uploading on Hotfile and Oron.

The DX+ Tape Oron
The DX+ Tape Hotfile

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