Monday, 1 February 2016

Klaus Wunderlich - The Magic of Klaus Wunderlich

As you may be aware, February is World Wunderlich month. So to celebrate, I'll be uploading nothing but the mighty Klaus until March, which of course heralds James Last fornight and then Dennis Hayward week etc.

World Wunderlich month was created to raise awareness of Klaus' fine work which all too often is confined to the boots of cars while being transported to car boot sales, and then back again. Except for these examples, which were purchased for pennies by this perusing punter (ie. me).

It is notable that Klaus is one of the best organ-based imitators, and I'm sure that by next month you'll be ready to March (hehe) right out and buy a back catalogue of your own. I don't actually own all of his records as I fear that by doing so I would have no reason to live any more; it would all be downhill from there with nothing to look forward to.


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