Wednesday, 10 February 2010

George Baker Selection - The Best of Baker

This is one of the first records I had - it was sent to me as a birthday present by our local radio station, as I'd been registered with their 'get your name read out on your birthday' club. I'm sure you'd agree that many a 7 or 8 year old boy would place an LP such as this in high esteem, or could that assumption be a bad misjudgement?

The sticker on the cover marked 'Prize' seems to be radio-speak for 'We need more room for Blondie records' and the act of sending such records out to young children who never did anything other than to have a birthday, is perhaps a good example of radio stations knowing just what their listeners want.

Anyway, George Baker Selection was Rory McGrath's first band, and he certainly pays homage to his Spanish roots with this album. The first track 'Paloma Blanca' you may know better as the Typhoo tea tune 'Ooh what a lovely cuppa'(performed by Cilla Black if I remember rightly).

Rory certainly had his moments as a fashion-conscious pop star however, as shortly before this cover picture was taken, he had his left nipple piercing go septic and he had to hold a poultice over it for a short while!

George Baker Selection - The Best of Baker

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. I'm sure it was Su Pollard (with a donkey!), not Cilla Black!
    (Unless you were joking, of course!...)
    "You only get an OO with Typhoo!"

  2. You forgot to mention Geoff Capes (in his skinnier days) standing next to Rory on the cover there! And I'm pretty sure that's Gary Oldman in the specs standing next to Suzi Quatro just after she ate a few builders breakfasts... As for the other two - Neil Innes and Bruce Lee!

  3. For Bruce Lee I'd have gone for 'It's the plane!' off Fantasy Island. He seems to have a wayward arm like Dr Strangelove..