Saturday, 6 February 2010

Shakin' Stevens - Shaky

Did you know the UK had its own Elvis? Oh yes, back in the early 80's, old Shakin' here was very popular, Wikipedia has him as the biggest-selling solo male singer of the 80s, but maybe he's been on the site editing it.

The back cover has a nice David Brent feel about it, but it makes you wonder what pictures they rejected before they settled on that one..

The LP didn't have 'This Ole House', his first number 1 (I think) so I stuck it on as a bonus track. I wonder if Shaky's had the shingles yet?

Shakin' Stevens - Shaky 82Mb

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  1. This'll bring back memories for my wife - she was a huge Shaky fan back in his heyday and even saw him live in concert!

  2. So you're the one who's downloaded it!

  3. I haven't yet actually - I have his "complete collection" thing so I thought I wouldn't need it. But then, I can't resist not having those lovely LP pics so I'll download it anyway!

  4. I'm embarrassed to admit, my mum bought me this LP when it came out. I always thought he overdid the make-up on the back cover. Some good song, though. If a bit dated.

  5. He often overdid the make-up in his performances and videos I noticed (I think because Elvis did the same). Quite a few guys fancied him at the time - I know Boy George had a bit of a thing for him. Alledgedly. I think that's what Shaky's doing on the front cover - he's quietly telling Boy George to get out.

  6. The pink jacket may have sent out the wrong signals!