Thursday, 10 December 2015

Klaus Wunderlich - Südamericana 3

Christ, what happened? I only went out for some milk!

I just got back and it's past its 'use by' date as well. I'd have a word with the shopkeeper, but his large black almond-shaped eyes have a very disconcerting effect.

Never mind though; to cheer myself up, I decided to upload this classic Klaus. Yes, up here in the northern hemisphere it's getting jolly cold (especially for July) so we can warm our cockles to the Latin flavour of Klaus' ivory ticklers. I might be persuaded to revive old uploads, so let me know if there's anything you fancy.


90Mb Ripped and encoded by Slothy@320kbps


  1. I put my life on hold. Waiting. Waiting. And all you come up with is some bearded German ivory tickler? Four years I'll never get back. FOUR YEARS. Oh well, could've been worse. Sydney Thompson, anyone?

    1. Four Years? Noooo! I did wonder about that big stack of letters on my mat and all that dust. And my new habit of sculpting mash potatoes. Nooooo!