Saturday, 26 December 2015

Play Away

With party season in full swing, there's no better reason for pushing your chairs back than this record, courtesy of classic UK children's series Play Away. Co-hosted by none other than Brian Cant (I've met him and have his autograph!), the series ran throughout the 70s and is a sure classic.

Brian went on to bring us such classics as Dappledown Farm and Bric-a-Brac, a strange junk shop where all the stock began with the same letter of the alphabet. Naturally, the shop went bust due to such a poor business model and its competitor Cash Converters bought up the premises.

Dappledown Farm was eventually repossessed due to fraud and mismanagement, after fellow farmers began making complaints that the livestock Brian was selling at auction were in fact just puppets which gave poor milk and had a litany of health issues relating to the overuse of steroids.


100Mb Ripped and encoded by Slothy@320kbps


  1. thanks. looking forward to hearing this. happy new year.