Sunday, 3 January 2016

Dennis Hayward's Organisation - Happy Dancing

Now that we've stopped opening Christmas presents (and credit card statements), it's time to get back to the Teacore briefly; this time courtesy of Dennis Hayward and his 'organisation'.

Faced with dwindling record sales back in the 80s due to the success of Des O'Connor and Foster and Allen, Dennis formed this band of brigands to encourage local shops and businesses to sample his wares. When visited by 'Big Roy' - the tall one - they could choose whether to 'rent' this record at a vastly inflated price or 'things might get broken'.

They would then have to play the record constantly, and Ernie (on the right) would often show up to ensure this was the case. Don't be fooled by his amiable disposition on the cover; if faced with the sound of any other music he would immediately launch a furious attack and show them their own entrails.

The naked aggression of Dennis and his 'organisation' really comes through at the end of the song 'Lambeth Walk' when they shout 'Oi!' in unison - a sound known to bring all and sundry to their knees in terror.


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  1. This looks and sounds like the business.

    Nice blog BTW. Be a shame if it were to get deleted, say, if it wasn't being updated more frequently.