Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Geoff Love's Big Disco Sound - Dance, Dance, Dance

In 1976, Geoff Love decided to board the disco bandwagon and do some of his special work on a selection of tracks, jamming in as many disco cliches as he could. Large amounts of hi-hats were worn out and never was a violin glissando missed.

This record has just been released from a 40 year quarantine as, for reasons of national security, it was found to have far exceeded the excitement quotas laid down by the 1973 UN Boogie Summit, held in Bolivia. The fear of potential insurrection and political instability caused by listeners to this record "feeling excessively groovy" was enough to cause both Western governments and those behind the Iron Curtain to take action against Geoff Love and the label, MFP.


120Mb Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@320kbps


  1. So glad this LP is once again available. My late father, known in the day as "El Jefe de Polyester", headed up the Honduran delegation to the Boogie Summit. I'm sure that he's up in heaven doing the Hustle next to Geoff Love right now celebrating the lifting of restrictions that forced this LP under ground.

    Thanks for making it available once again.

    1. Ah yes, they had to settle for Klaus Wunderlich's 'Sudamericana' series as a compromise - they were hard times.