Thursday, 3 September 2009

Dad's Army - The Radio Shows

Don't tell him, Pike!

Continuing the war theme, here's all three series of the Dad's Army radio shows - adapted from telly. I thought I'd add it as it was made with money extorted from us Brits (much like war itself!), but keep it quiet - loose lips and all that.

After this well-loved sit-com had finished, the characters had mixed fortunes. Private Walker did well selling his crisps of course, Sergeant Wilson built a sporting goods empire and Mrs Fox made a fortune from her biscuits, as well as having chart success with the hit 'Imagine Me, Imagine You'.

Alas, Captain Mainwaring fell on hard times - and still works in Walmington-on-Sea, for one of the larger supermarket chains.

Not ripped by me, bitrates vary but each half hour show is about 5Mb - 7Mb. Sound quality is just fine. Archives can be extracted independently.

Series 1 + 'The Story of..' 166Mb
Series 2 143Mb
Series 3 178Mb


  1. thanks alot. I've heard a few of the radio versions, but not all of them.

  2. Yes they're not bad, plus it's so easy to imagine the scenes it's just like watching!

  3. hello mate.many thanks for these posts.great to listen to on my eyepodd at work!do you by any chance have the closing theme music that you could upload as an mp3 please?cheers

  4. I don't know who you are or what this blog site is for. But just wanted to say many thanks for the dad's army above. I have some of the audio cassettes of these but never knew there were so many more. Was looking for them and stumbled on this site. Once again, many many thanks

  5. links to one and three are dead.
    but at least i got two.

    as much fun as men from the ministry.

    allan.feldberg at