Friday, 4 September 2009

Klaus Wunderlich - In The Miller Mood

Don your flight jackets and hand out some stockings and gum! Dere's a pack o' Camels each in it for ya boys, get da stuff from da BBC film crew over dere..

On his Pigeonshit debut, Herr Wunderlich brings us the soothing vibes of Glenn Miller - with a sprinkling of his own style, of course. He sure knows how to knock 'em out on his fancy new Wersi Helios - and can't resist sticking the odd Moogy bit in here and there either, to freshen those old classics for our ears.

What could be more in the spirit of reconciliation? It is indeed a tear-jerking thought that a German should pay tribute to Glenn Miller, who was such a morale boosting inspiration for the Allied forces. But perhaps not surprising, if we remember that many ordinary Germans at that time weren't having that much fun. Klaus may well have seen a liberation, not an invasion.

This could however just be the result of a guilty conscience - we still don't know what happened to that plane, do we Klaus?

Klaus Wunderlich - In The Miller Mood 71Mb

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