Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Salute in Sound - 50th Anniversary of the RAF

Alright you chaps, listen to me.

Group Capt. Douglas Bader, the man with the tin legs, celebrates the (then) 50th anniversary of the RAF by putt-putt-putting out this record describing a few of the old pre-war planes, as well as hurricanes, spitfires and more recent jet-propelled planes.

Listen to that voice - there's the grit and determination there which helped defeat the menace of the Luftwaffe, and helped him end up in Colditz, along with David McCallum and John Mills.

After he left the RAF he starred as that indispensable butler in 'The Admirable Crichton', and after he died he had his whole body made out of tin - and went on to more success in 'Red Dwarf'.

A statue of him was recently unveiled at Goodwood, near Chichester. The sculptor thought it fitting that since the statue was metal, then it should have real legs, and there seems to be no shortage of replacements from the nearby St Richard's Hospital. Good thing too - as the legs start to smell before long - if they aren't first dragged away by stray dogs.

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