Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Secret Record of Adrian Mole aged Thirteen and Three Quarters

Sept 12, 2009

Sat around picking my nose and ripping crap records. One of them sounded like the dog had dragged it out of the coal shed, but it sounded lovely on Bert Baxter's gramophone when I tried it, I probably got that idea because I'm an intellectual.

Some of the tracks are truly appalling, and others fill me with such angst - such as 'Sorry, Gotta Do It' with its synth-punches Barry Kent throws (thank goodness I have my poetry). I don't know where the original Ian Dury theme got to, the last I heard it was here.

I'm glad I got the beetroot juice off the cover after bumping into a half-empty jar on Bert's sideboard, I thought some had splashed on my face as well. But just my luck - more spots!

Copyright Sloth Townsend

Adrian Mole - The Musical 70Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. great book, album brings back memories of school. cheers, Paul

  2. Memories of school? Sorry about that!

  3. I wanted to hear this again but could not get it for love nor money. Cheers Slothy. Much appreciated.


  4. Hi there, slothy do u still have this, been trying to find for ages, just loved this, cant find it to buy, would be so excellent if you could help me out email me please if you can,

    heres hoping


  5. Hi Slothy
    Do you still have the rip of the Adiran Mole Album you did some time ago. I saw the show years ago and have the score but not a recording and would like to get hold of it.
    email is