Saturday, 5 September 2009

Don Estelle and Windsor Davies - Sing Lofty

Finally in this war of attrition, we have the soothing tones of Lofty/Don Estelle coupled with the harsh tones of Windsor Davies' Sergeant-Major Williams. Windsor Davies doesn't sing that much (or at all- when he does pipe up he tends toward a William Shatner talky style) but is included as nobody would have bought the LP otherwise.

Shame, as Don (who sadly died in 2003) had a singing voice which harks back to the 30s - a lot of songs here sound like they're from the Singing Detective soundtrack, and one or two are. This up includes 'Whispering Grass' which doesn't appear on the record but I've thrown it in because I'm so nice.

More recently Don had a brief role as 'Little Don' in the first series of 'The League of Gentlemen' as a zookeeper looking after the 'Roundabout Zoo' - a zoo on a roundabout island in the road.

Windsor Davies is still around of course, and 80 next year! I used to think he was the hardest man on telly - he was the Phil Mitchell of the 70s.. I could probably deck him now, though.


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    I love the way Davies talks in the hugely under-rated and, in my opinion, hilarious Carry On Behind. It's along the lines of
    "I's thinks we has pulled!" (you just have to imagine it with Windsor's great voice...)

  2. I'd go on the pull with Windsor Davies and Jack Douglas - wayayay!

    I think I'd just be disguising myself as Kenneth Williams so I could share a caravan with Elke Sommer - Phoooooar!

  3. Gorgeous Elke is certainly one of the highlights in that film. Williams performance in that film has to be one of his finest - I'm endlessly cracking up at the scenes with him. There's the classic tomato sauce bit where he thinks he's bleeding and the bit where he's securing the deal for the loan of Butterworth's caravan - I love the classic Williams reaction:
    "Thirty pounds?! You must be insane!"

    There's nobody of the calibur of the Carry On stars these days - truly funny people who didn't have to try hard to make me laugh. Not like the desperate mob around today (most of which seem to fuck off to America anyway to make a pile of typical modern Hollywood crap).

    Carry On Behind is probably the one I've watched the most in recent times - along with Carry On Camping and Carry On Again Doctor. And Carry On Dick. And Carry On At Your Convenience. And Carry On Abroad. And so on.

  4. Have you seen the one with the hospital full of zombies - Carrion Nurse?

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  6. Heh heh. Very droll! It's only a matter of time before someone decides to cross George Romero with a Carry On movie. Shaun Of The Dead could have been it but it wasn't - but, like I say, it's only a matter of time......

  7. While on the subject of Carry On films, admittedly I'm probably the only one, but I like Carry On England - Windsor Davies' other carry on movie. Carry On Behind is a great film though.