Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The TV Hits albums 1 & 2

Lumberjack? No! Steeplejack.. No! Aw, Uncle Jack.. No!

It's 80s crap! Yaaay!

There are a few moments here which make good listening, but there's also a slice of 80s doggerel at its worst.

There's the theme from 'Connie' - which is as forgettable as the show itself, provided you heard of it in order to forget it. Sorry for reminding you about it now.

There's some kind of track from Miami Vice on there but not the theme itself, what's going on there - it clearly says 'Miami Vice' on the cover, bloody swizz. And on the second volume we're treated to the abominable 'Surprise Surprise!' theme tune which I play now and again, just to remind myself how nice it is to not listen to it. Did you know Sue Pollard released a single? Yep, that's here too.

On the up-side, there's Chas & Dave on both records with their TV offerings 'Crackerjack' and 'In Sickness and in Health'..'Blott on the Landscape'.. And an early version of the 'The Bill' theme tune with a funky bit a couple of minutes in!

How can you resist?

TV Hits 90Mb 256kbps
TV Hits 2 68Mb 192kbps (re-up)

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy


  1. "...we're treated to the abonimable 'Surprise Surprise!' theme tune which I play now and again, just to remind myself how nice it is to not listen to it" has to be my favourite comment of the week! Nice one - thanks for these two again, mate!

  2. nice one Slothy! Looking forward to hearing In Sickness and In Health again. I've linked you on Spiral. All the best, Paul

  3. Bah, I spelt 'abominable' wrong!

    Cheers Paul, will link back now (was on the list of stuff to do, honest)

  4. Thanks for posting this - nice to have both the Chas 'n' Dave and Dennis Waterman tracks.

  5. These are two quality rips! Odd that in the first one, a lot of the themes are shows from "Witzend Productions" and that both LPs feature the Auf Pet themes, which was also released as a single through Towerbell Records...

    ... Well, *I* thought it was interesting!

    I'm listening to the Sons + Daughters theme... it's sending shivers up my spine. I'm torn between it being one of the worst, or one of the best pieces of music ever. Oddly, I remember watching the very last episode, just to hear if they played a longer version of the theme. They did.

    I don't know why remember that.