Monday, 31 August 2009

Britain Can Take It!

Here's a timely upload, this cover is what I presume is a publicity shot taken ready for the then upcoming 'Operation Pied Piper' to go into effect, where children (mostly) were ferried out of the cities to safer spots in the country. The back cover says the picture was taken on August 29th, 1939, making it 70 years and 2 days old! But wait, according to Wikipedia-

'The official evacuation was declared on August 31st, but began on September 1st..'

That's 70 years ago right now, so happy 70th, 'Operation Pied Piper'!!

Yes, thousands of children were assembled at train stations all over, ready for their evacuations - but I won't go too much into how they went to the toilet in those days.

Strange about the name though, as in the story 'The Pied Piper', the children were led away to be drowned (in the version I know), or held for ransom - and it took place in Germany..

Anyway, there's some real wartime treats here - Noel Coward does a couple of ditties, there's 3 from George Formby including 'Mr Wu's an air raid warden now', (I'm glad they had the ARP wardens to look after the synthesisers) and Arthur Askey with 'The Thing-ummy-bob', a celebration of the advantages to security which compartmentalisation brings.

Bringing up the rear, a stirring song aimed at the Axis forces and their misgided ideologies of racial supremacy, called 'The Jap and the Wop and the Hun'.

So roll up for a rip-roaring, coupon saving, banana wanting, egg powdering ride down the bomb damaged music hall (still open for business).

I Thang Yow!

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