Friday, 14 August 2009

Frank Sidebottom Salutes the Magic of Freddie Mercury and Queen and also Kylie Minogue (you know,... her off 'Neighbours')

A record I bought on the strength of the cover, but I always
knew Frank Sidebottom was good. And yes, the music is just as
funny. References to Frank's mum/Timperley abound, and Frank
treats us to his arranging skills with a special Queen medley
before he has to do some shopping for his mum.

FSSTMOFMAQAAKMYKHON 31Mb Ripped by Slothy@192kbps

Thank yow!


  1. fantastic to see you know it is, it really is.

  2. Cheers, I hope its not all bobbins!

  3. Thanks for posting this - much appreciated.

  4. Fantastic stuff, well done my dear boy!

  5. Lovely stuff. Shame its Vapishare though as now I'll have to wait an hour before I can downlaod this by which time I will have drifted offf into some kind of er ..........fnu....ur......