Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cy Payne- Childrens TV Themes

More soundalikes for you, and here's a re-up of Cy Payne and his Orchestra supplying them - starting with.. Dr Who! We come to 'Rupert the Bear' who looks a bit evil on the cover, but the theme is still too nice to stir me. A fair few Gerry Anderson TV shows get their themes lounged up a little, Star Trek is here, but the star of the show for me is the big band version of 'The Magic Roundabout'- I wish Cy Payne had played more with the other themes this way, as this one really is a smasher!

Cy Payne- Childrens TV Themes 53Mb

1972 Contour Records 2870 185 Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


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  3. Had this when I was a kid. Have downloaded and posted a link to this on my own blog. Cheers Slothy!

  4. Just stumbled across a cover of this album. This was the first vinyl record, I owned as a kid. I was amazed to find, there are even a few copies still available to buy secondhand. Just purchased myself a copy,for old times sake on Discogs.
    Thanks Slothy