Saturday, 15 August 2009

Postman Pat - Songs and Music from the Televison Series

I've worked for Royal Mail in sorting offices before, and its possibly the closest you can get to prison without being arrested. All you can smell is farts and cheap aftershave, and everyone wears a badly fitting blue shirt. Unless of course you get a cushy number like Postman Pat, bastard.

There are no farts in Greendale of course, and Reverend Timms wears Chanel Egoiste. I can imagine a teadance taking place there, it's that sort of place. Put up a brightly coloured burgular alarm on your property and they'll be complaining to the council.


Postman Pat 71Mb

Ripped by Slothy@256kbps


  1. Love it, but is there a chance you could upload it as a ZIP folder, cos' RAR doesn't work for me. Thank you so much, hope I'm not being too much trouble. :)

  2. I'm happy to provide a pointer or two if you want to get your .rar problem sorted out, but as for rearchiving and reuploading this as a .zip file, it's not happening, sorry.

    I'm guessing you are running Winzip, get a free trial version of Winrar and use that.

  3. Yay, it worked :)

    Thanks again, your site is fantastic :)

  4. You're welcome, I'm glad you got it sorted out - .rar files are everywhere..

  5. Oh totally brill. Thanks so much for this :D You wouldn't happen to have the Fireman Sam soundtrack as well would you?

  6. Oh... any chance you could reactivate the link... I would love to give this to my sister as a Christmas Present. It used to be our pop music when we were little kids, we'd dance for hours to it...

  7. Any chance for a reupload of this? :)

  8. Please, please, please re-up this :-)

  9. Hi,

    Can you please re-upload?

    Sorry for spamming you with a request, but I'm getting desperate. I've bought the record for my nephew (he's obsessed with the original series and keeps singing the songs). But his folks don't have a record player, and I don't have the kit to convert the record, and its his birthday this weekend, so I'm fucked.

    Well, the wee man will be face-deep in cake and oblivious (he's turning 3), but my sister will be throwing me the 'not angry just disappointed' look that my mum taught her.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  10. Ooft. Just realised how many requests you've had to re-upload this. I'll wind my neck in.

    Good site regardless :)