Friday, 21 August 2009

Stanley Unwin - Rotatey Diskers

Goodness of the evietito! If it's speech impediments you're after, then listen no further- Stanley Unwin brings us his aural dyslexia for this classic 'uplode'.

Credit goes to the original ripper for this but Gawd knows who they are. If you don't know the Unwin, I have linked to a youtube vid to give you a taste.

Also while on there, I spotted a brilliant ex-python Eric Idle 'Rutland Weekend Television' clip which is unrelated to this upload, but still gibberish and too funny not to include - I'll just add the link for this one - click here for gibberish

Stanley Unwin - Rotatey Diskers 320kbps


  1. Thanking you most kindlyode - full roatatey on the diskers for sure for sure!

    (P.S. The Youtube clip is part of The Small Faces' "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake", of course - on Colour Me Pop, 21st June 1968).

  2. I might add my Ogden's too, great album that

  3. How dare you suggesty that the grape and erudi Stanley Unwin suffery fron the speechlole impedimento!! Justly showeth how muchlode you knowit about the grold Engy Twenty Fido!!

    "Speecchlole impedimento"!!!

    The cheekbolus of it!!!!

  4. Wisebole wordflows!!
    The cheekbolus indeediho!!!This is a terribiv!!
    "Speechlole impedimento"!!

    Most beel a rightole barsty to scribblywritey such a thingole about Professy Stanley!!

    "Speechlole impedimento"!!!! Outragey!!

  5. If by " most beel a rightole barsty to scribblywritey such a thingole about Professy Stanley!! ", you mean " must be a right old bastard to write such a thing about Professor Stanley Unwin " then I can only say I agree. In fact, I should go further and add that he - the writer - most definitely is " a right old bastard " - as the blighter's birth certificate no doubt confirms totally. As Professor Stanley himself would say: " This slothypigeonshit is one sadole littler cunetole.... Oh yes!"