Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Rolf Harris Show

Before he made a career out of dying animals, Rolf had his own Saturday night show - although this was before my time so I never saw it myself. Shame, because if this record is anything to go by, it would knock today's Saturday evening light entertainment shows into a corked hat.

On the first track 'Poor Jenny', Harris recalls taking his girlfriend out and how he left her to be arrested after she was punched at a party and knocked out. You'd never think it would you? 'Roochama' has Rolf singing in Hindi (or whatever - how would I know?) in a vintage Bollywood-sounding piece, complete with wobbleboard..

His trusty old standard 'Jake the Peg' is on here but alas no 'Tie me kangaroo down, sport' - the famous death-bed marsupial bondage request song was recorded five years earlier (1963) and you can't have it on every record he did I suppose.

Little know fact - At points during the making of the 'Animal Hospital' series of programmes, all the animals kept getting better and Rolf was faced with no option than to injure a few himself. One insider commented - 'He would phone the vets surgery he was due to be working at that day and put on the voice of an old lady, reporting a cat or dog with a broken leg - we always knew it was him because he'd say 'cobber' and move the word 'but' to the end of a sentence. He would then turn up for filming with scratches on his face and arms'.

This was to be a 'Crate to Blog Challenge', but this is such a goodie I had to take a bit of time over it because Pigeonshit does not compromise on quality. Rest assured however, this was sitting in a rainy carpark not 5 hours ago.

The Rolf Harris Show 35Mb

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  1. Oh wow! This is a must grab! Many thanks for this. :) I met him back around 1992 - great bloke he was. Signed a batch of stuff and drew me a Rolfaroo. Great!

  2. Wow, that's cool - I've a vague memory of seeing him at Butlin's Minehead in 1987 (glancing around, it seems he was doing stuff at Butlin's around this time so it's probably right). I walked out of the show when (I think) Keith Harris came on because I hated Orville. Does anyone know if Keith was at Butlin's Minehead in the summer of 1987? Bit of a long shot really.

  3. It's very likely! Pantomimes and seaside shows are the likes of Keith Harris' main source of income, ain't they? I'm sure he was doing Pontins back in 1983 when I was in Prestatyn, too.

  4. Now if only we could track down Rolf's track 'Boney's Coming' from his album called 'The Boy From Bassendean' then the world would be a better place. A small extract can be seen here and if you're not impressed by that I'm not talking to you ever again.

    Excellent blog. I'm glad you're back.

  5. Thanks for posting this - much appreciated.

  6. Seems to have attracted quite a few "dolly birds" to his show so he must be doing something right...

  7. It's all that heavy breathing he does. Drives 'em crazy.

  8. Rolf's The Man, Slothy. When you get to hell for dissing him, you can expect a severe beating from me.