Tuesday, 11 August 2009

This is the start.

Well it's been quite a ride, but I have finally grown weary of not sharing my crappy music collection on my own blog. My record player has remained in a state of dormancy under a dust sheet for nigh on a long time, and I haven't bought any stupid old records for ages either. This stops right now.

That said, it's bedtime so it'll stop quite soon instead. For now, here's a re-up..


  1. Bit o'the Jean Michel Jarres there on volume 3...

  2. What, the old lady stuff? You're listening to it?

    Ah, no you mean the cover don't you - that makes more sense ;)

    Funnily enough, that old lady is also called Jean.

  3. Listen to it? You must be joking! No I did mean the sleeve. And in my excitement I commented under the wrong post.

    Anyway, while I'm down here under this particular post, could I just say "Welcome back"?

  4. Thanks, I was just helping Cosmo on his blog before really so it's nice to be remembered!

  5. Absolutely awesome blog. The funniest one I've stumbled across, too.

    Old lady playing badly? Mrs Mills eat your heart out.

    I spent the last 15 years collecting as much shit from car boots as possible, originally with the intention of making dodgy tapes up for friends. Perhaps I should start this blogging lark too. Won't be a patch on yours, though. I don't own the Worzel Gummidge album.

    Muchos respect,

    S Mills (Not son of Mrs Mills)