Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Worzel Gummidge Sings

Now a re-up of an old classic! Most stars these days like to get off their heads, but Worzel prefers to get his head off! I'm a fan some of the incidental/background music in the show but can't get hold of anything much - can anyone help?

Little known fact*
Jon Pertwee insisted on recording these tracks dressed as Worzel Gummidge, and wouldn't sing unless a cup of tea/slice of cake was provided for him on an hourly basis. Similarly Una Stubbs recorded her parts only after she could access the trolley full of cream cakes mentioned in her contract.

* fiction


75Mb Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. haha nice one Slothy. Look forward to hearing it.

  2. Congrats for the first comment here (and probably the last nice one as well!)

  3. thatx! i linked this post :0

  4. Cheers, that really helps to get things off the ground, I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Hope he had his "singin' 'ed" on when he recorded this...
    I've just been watching the first 4 series of Worzel with the family. Very entertaining - it's both happy and sad. The leads are great and there are some excellent guest appearances (eg Barbara Windsor as Saucy Nancy). Love Geoffrey Bayldon as The Crowman as well. You're right about the incidental music - each character had a theme that played when they appeared. Would like to hear the Crowman's theme - and the Scarecrow Hop!

  6. Thanks for posting this - much appreciated.

  7. loved the site just rediscovered the show recently, not a lot on the net shame so good to see this. Tony

  8. I saw the West End musical of WG - does anyone have the original cast recording?


  9. Thanks man, been lookinh all over for this