Friday, 29 January 2010

Bruce Forsyth - Mr Entertainment

What a great Brucie bonus of an upload, so much better than last week's! Brucie is here, and this is our game show king playing the part of rat pack crooner 50 years ago.

He has certainly played his cards right here, and makes a good game, er, good job of it. We asked 100 expectant mothers if they played Bruce's music to their hapless unborn, and they said yes, as it would LOWER! any risk of complications and improve conditions for a HIGHER! IQ. However it may increase the chances of twins - and you don't get anything for a pair - not in this game!


67Mb Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. Nice one slothy,

    And for anyone who would like more of Brucie please check out one of my earlier posts here.

  2. I'm Not Doddery ! Doddery I'm Not !

    Nice to see you ! To See you Nice !

    Nice one Slothy

  3. Oh wow! Superb post, Slothy, me old son! Good game! Good game!

  4. Cheers VR, have grabbed that!

    Some good points there, and what do points mean?

  5. Didn't he do well!

  6. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for a great upload.

    ...fondu set, his and hers towels, music centre, cuddly toy... etc, etc..

  7. Points mean prizes. I'm going to need this for when he joins the choir invisible. Good game, good game, my love? Chance of a re-up, please?

    1. You're such a lucky jack, because Brucie's back! Hopefully you won't need this for a while though!

  8. And you, sir, are a gentleman. Thanks very much. I hope you're right.