Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Su Pollard - Su

How can I say anything bad about this? It would feel like kicking a little puppy.

I'll have a go though, as this record contains some of the very worst saxophone solos of the 1980s - only the sax solo from Squeeze's 'Hourglass' compares! And Wax's 'Bridge to Your Heart' thinking about it.

Of course it's not all bad sax, Su throws out a few belters here, Su's 'You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling' is a power ballad worthy of praise - Bonny Tyler couldn't hold a candle to it frankly. Of course there's 'Starting Together' here as well, which ought to be played at every wedding - remember, the old phrase 'Something borrowed, something blue, something old and something Su' should render divorce lawyers hungry everywhere.

So treat yourself to some 80s hideousness akin to the fashion choices displayed on the back of this LP, I particularly like Su's unicorn hairpiece in these shots.

Sample the matrimonial magnificence of 'Starting Together' below as found on Youtube, also I found an excellent rendition of 'Back In The USSR' there by Su - sadly not included on this LP.

Su Pollard - Su 92Mb

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  1. Didn't Su go on some egotistical rant recently and annoy a load of tacky Daily Mail readers in the process? Good for her if she did!

  2. I had do do research to respond to this..!

    I found she'd had a go at a disabled driver in the paper you mention(no more publicity for them!)- and the readers are leaving comments like 'that disabled woman can't see properly wih a neckbrace, and if she can hardly walk, how can she press the pedals in a car?' hehe..

  3. That was the one - I thought I'd read something. Pretty recent around November/December. I have an email account with Yahoo and most of their news links to the Daily Mail site, I've noticed. Or the Kate & Gerry McCann Supporters Club as I call it. When I think of the Daily Mail, I think of Hugh Laurie putting slices of bread in each of his shoes...

  4. I don't know what it is about that particular style of glasses that Su Pollard wore, but they seem to sum up the 1980s. Christopher Biggins wore them, Yuppies wore them, "wacky" tv presenters wore them. I hate those glasses so much that I found out that Pollard bought them from a company called anglo american optical & they STILL make them.

  5. One thing I didn't remember about "Starting Together" is that it was written to accompany a Desmond Wilcox BBC documentary called "The Marriage" featuring the very dull looking couple in the video & camp ex "That's Life" presenter Bill Buckley wrote the song. I saw him on Sky News a couple of days ago...all his hair's gone.

  6. That's the thing I remember most about "Starting Together", Dom, that it was the theme song to that Wilcox series - the show was quite popular at the time and that's how it became a hit. Quite surprised you forgot all about that!

    As for the specs - Timmy Mallet also springs to mind!

    Did Desmond Wilcox ever have much hair? I always thought he'd been much of a baldie throughout his career...

  7. Linda out of Gimme Gimme Gimme's another although worn as part of a fictional character, they were chosen for a reason!

    Funny to see Bill Buckley's name here, and I didn't know that - looking at the credits he also seems to have his own music publishing company! He's on local BBC radio round here, a regular Alan Partridge..

  8. Bill Buckley lost his hair ( or rather, he has lost some & shaved his head bald ). It was BBC News i saw him on. I vaguely remember "The Marriage" now that I've seen the video, funny how moustaches have gone out of fashion.

    Mallett was another wearer & i think Biggins' co presenter on "On Safari" Gillian Taylforth wore them.

    Funny you mention Alan Partridge as Steve Coogan seems to have modelled much of the character on another "That's Life" presenter, Adrian Mills.

  9. I remember him on Talk Radio in the 90s before it went to the lowest common denomination as Talk Sport, on the James Whale show I think - I'd never considered him as a Partridge role model, possibly because I'd forgotten all about him!

  10. I remember Adrian Mills from daytime tv on BBC1, where he hosted with those other very likely candidates for "inspirations for Partridge", Mo Dutta & Ross King. In fact, someone has uploaded a tv advert on youtube highlighting the Mills/Partridge similarity. He also appeared in Doctor Who & Minder!