Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Krankies - The Two Sides of the Krankies

Here's a chance to sample the live act produced by this Tough couple, The Krankies! Best known as Crackerjack regulars,(Crackerjack!)some of this stuff most certainly wouldn't have made it to our screens - for it's a bit rude! And probably a good picture of a comedy routine in 1976..

We get live versions of 'Sonny Boy' and 'Where's Me Mam?' on the A side as well as the live act, and the B side consists of traditional Scottish tunes by the sound of it, which are enjoyable enough. No bagpipes.

See here for It's Fan-Dabi-Dozi, another album they did, and here for a fine Crackerjack performance!(Crackerjack!)

The Krankies - The Two Sides of the Krankies 82Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. That's scary - before I woke up today I actually dreamt about that Jimmy Krankie woman doing pornographic things with herself! :-/

    Cheers for this, by the way! ;)

  2. Those young boys all have their fantasies - Jimmy Krankie's able to fulfil them by just looking down his shorts! Lucky bugger!

  3. Just looking at the cover gives me the creeps. Please don't make me listen to it!

  4. Thank you for your tireless and laudable efforts to save these invaluable cultural artifacts from extinction. How DO you find the time?

  5. Any chance of posting a new link for this, or sending me a link? Thanks