Saturday, 2 January 2010

Derek B - Bullet from a Gun

Following in the bad rap theme, here's the UK's own Derek B with his own brand of rap (with a silent 'C' as my dad would say). I was going to go easy on Derek B here, but I heard the album just now and it is truly awful.

All about Derek's prowess 'on the mic' and such. But the irony of all this showing off is that it's done in such a crappy way - it's hilarious!

This record is certainly def - and hearing it, you'll wish you were def as well.

Derek B - Bullet from a Gun 94Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. He was never going to have a very successful career in hip hop being called Derek. Looking at the back cover credits, I see a Brian B. aswell.

  2. Grandmaster Flash was called Melvin, a name he has the good sense not to use - Maybe Derek thought of the success of 'Eric B' and thought he'd stand a chance - he thought wrong though!

  3. sorry for being rude but i know everybody has there own thoughts and ideas, it's just a shame your wrong and a bit of a f'in jerk. Derek B was all good for his time and if he was still here could beat most of the talentless f's out there now!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yeah props to derek b. , he was a trail blazer at the time for uk hiphop even if it sounds dated now eh ... ok not the greatest rapper of all time but at least he gave it a shot...
    anyways, thanks for posting :)

  5. Anonymous 1, I would suggest you get a sense of humour.

    Anonymous 2, that's more like it. You're welcome.

  6. Best version of the album: