Monday, 11 January 2010

Dennis Hayward - Sequence Time

Teacore now, and here's Dennis with his best shirt on to prove how he can make the ladies dance while he moves his fingers up and down.

It appears that Dennis's keyboard got ripped off a bit here, but I assure you the record is unaffected. It starts with a medley featuring 'I've got sixpence' - a proud boast indeed, and 'A nice cup of tea' which I'm sure we'll all need after working up a thirst dancing to Dennis's wonderful music.

..Seems the ladies below were in a similar situation as shown in this clipping from the Eastbourne Herald of Friday May 18th 2001 - biscuits are always an option of course.


Reuploaded 18/12/2015

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  1. Looking up Dennis turned up this spot -
    Dennis is no one-hit wonder. And I caught myself enjoying this more than I expected. Thanks, Slothy!

  2. Thanks for your comments, I have a bit more of Dennis to come and more besides!

  3. Heh! That's some fine big news there from the Eastbourne Herald which I'm sure would have caught the interest of the general public - as coffee mornings and biscuits most surely do. But what's that e19366a all about? Was it one of the artificial additives in the biscuits?

    Incidentally, I recognise those women - they're roadies for the "Old Lady Playing Badly" if I'm not mistaken.

  4. I can imagine the commotion in the office when that story came in, 'A coffee what? Biscuits? I'll be right down..'

    Actually they had those numbers in the local paper when/where I was young, it's so you can order a nice glossy photo - I wonder if they do back orders?

    I'm sure they're roadies, but probably just the roads to Bexhill and Beachy Head for when it all got too much.

  5. Yeah, I remember those numbers in my local paper, too - the "Evening Mail" and "Express & Star" would be the main two in the Midlands area where I'm from. But only now that you mention it that I realise what those numbers mean! I'm pretty sure if you enquired that you'd find the photo still on file and available for a small fee. Go to it, Slothy, me old mate!... ;)

  6. I'll have to pretend one of them is my gran, the second from left will do. Hey they might have pictures of more coffee mornings, you never know.

  7. I'd like to know how you got hold of a clipping of old ladies having a coffee morning from a 2001 edition of the Eastbourne Herald - that's almost a decade old! Don't tell me - you still haven't finished the crossword yet...

  8. At the time I was working with a bloke who travelled in from Eastbourne - and it was his paper, but the Berry Pomeroy biscuits story prompted me to take the page out and I've kept it ever since - it was the biggest event of 2001 after all..