Friday, 8 January 2010

Mud - Rock

More classic glam rock now, and here's Mud paying tribute to glam's rock & roll roots with a few oldies covered, with just a bit of newer stuff.

They cover 'The Hippy Hippy Shake', which sounds ahead of its time for 1974 - very punky. Also judging from the cover, one of the group members seems to think they're a member of Kajagoogoo, nice trouser suit there.

They've gone for the 'party atmos' style LP here, enlisting the help of 'Gate Crashers Ltd' for the 'party noises' according to the back cover. Also some bloke called Geoffrey introduces the music at the start so I cut him off and made an intro track of him, so as to avoid hindrance of any enjoyment derived from the first track 'Rocket'..

They decided to re-record some of their biggest hits (Dynamite, The Cat Crept In and Tiger Feet) as a medley for this album according to which seems a bit daft, but I suppose medleys were more acceptable in the 70s!

Mud - Rock 75Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps

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