Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dance Party - Hammond Hits

More Hammond eggs, and the balloons are out once again - as Big Jim 'H' is back, joined by his 'Men of Rhythm' according to the back cover.

The sorts on the front cover are just the type to be attracted to the sound of Hammond pop covers such as these, but slip in a bit of Moog and things might turn nasty. We'll find out later as there is a nice Moog sound in 'Son of My Father', and it's not the same version as found on the 'Moog Party Time' LP, so get clicking.

But what's that..Another abandoned drum kit?

Dance Party - Hammond Hits 66Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. i think the blonde woman & the one wearing orange might be the same couple who are sat down on the floor on the "john thaw" cover.

  2. I think Dom took the photos for these Hammond covers - he seems very familiar with the models!

  3. I see them now, well spotted dom! I've been searching for more proof of the picture sharing, I missed that! They're probably sitting on the floor talking about auditioning for the Milk Tray ad or something.

  4. I helped john thaw/joe bugner set up the drumkit, whilst the 2 birds blew the balloons up!

  5. John Thaw must have been a good drummer as he used to 'snare' all those criminals (oh dear)