Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Klaus Wunderlich und Hubert Deuringer - Swinging Evergreens

Time for more Klaus, and he's teamed up with Hubert to dazzle us with more of his gems on this stonking* double album.

Hubert lends a sound reminiscent of scenes from Ren & Stimpy - indeed he may be the equivalent of Stimpy's cousin Sven with his Alpine overtones - fortunately he's not as stupid and didn't end up eating his accordion.

See inside for bumper posters of Klaus and Hubert!

Klaus Wunderlich und Hubert Deuringer - Swinging Evergreens 131Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps

*I was most amused to find 'stonking' in the spellchecker (I'm easily pleased).


  1. Brilliant !! Thanks Please Keep up The Good Work

  2. Thanks both, and the churning should continue!

  3. Just to point out that the first poster with the Japanese characters is a spammer. He keeps spamming me constantly with the same weblink embedded in his numerous full stops...

  4. I did wonder about that - it seemed quite random! What is it, Slimfast or something? I'll leave this one but will look out for more now.


  5. It seems to be an adult site featuring young Japanese ladies. I could be wrong - but it seems to be an escort or live sexcam kind-of-thing. I didn't venture further than the front page.