Friday, 22 January 2010

Ena Baga plays the Happy Hammond

One for Hammond purists now, and Ena shuns any accompaniment other than the sort of cheesy drum sounds a machine like this is likely to make - and that's sparse.

Conjure the atmosphere of a 1950's cinema foyer in your own abode with Ena's magical sound. Indeed, she's such a competent player she will often play the thing from behind (as shown) and was an inspiration for Jimi Hendrix's guitar-based showings off.

Ena Baga plays the Happy Hammond 52Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. I bet if I went round to your place, I couldn't move for Hammond LPs!...

  2. I'm like that dancing priest off Father Ted..

    I'm going to lay off the keyboards for a while or this'll turn into a Hammond-themed blog!

  3. I'm often quoting that episode - it has to be one of my favourites. The bit where Ted asks "Didn't I see you on tv the other day?" and the dancing priest says "That wasn't me - it was some other priest who nicked my idea. I don't like to talk about it." Just totally love that show. So much hilarity in that episode, what with the raffle, the priest Kraftwerk tribute band, and the DJ priest who only bought one record with him: The Specials' "Ghost Town"! Now let's all stand for Craggy Island's national anthem...

  4. Actually Keith Emerson used to do that "playing the Hammond from behind" thing with The Nice and ELP - wonder if Ena used to stick daggers in the keys too?

  5. Keith Emerson sounds like an interesting bloke! I've read about his Moog use, it might be time to dig around a bit..

    XYZ - The best sitcoms seem to have lines like that dancing priest, they condense a whole story into a couple of lines, leaving you to imagine the details - I love that.

    'I cannae hit customers, I've been told'

  6. Ahhh Ena..I met this lady in Harrods when I was a little boy charming lady.As I write this Keith Emmersons Hammond M100 is on Ebay minus Daggers and Blood, but this is the Hammond T200 and Slothy your right no Drum Machines.When the T200 was built it was just before Drum Machines but it did have a sort of Bass Drum (For the Pedals (Feet))and snare and a sound that was nothing like a Hi-hat played with the left Hand after about two years after this model The T500 came out with a drum machine as they say after that is history