Friday, 29 January 2010

Peter Hayward - Hayward's Choice

Back to the keyboards - and what a treat I have for you now, a sound worthy of a thousand early 80s kids shows and a drum backing from the machine itself, what more could you ask for?

Well you could ask for a medley starting with 'Feeling Groovy' and ending with 'Pop Goes the Weasel', which is a tall order - but Peter provides! Also check out 'The Easy Winners' which I've played a fair few times since I got this record..

'Sleepers Awake' you may know as Kenny Everett's miming clown music, and very loungey that one is, with a few Kraftwerky sounds there it sounds to me.

And his War of the Worlds rendition, in which he has employed the cheesy rythmns available to enhance the dramatic chords therein. A perfect match!

Peter Hayward - Hayward's Choice 81Mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps


  1. Woah, being an Organist myself I do like hearing other people play other Than King Klaus Thanks for these rare Recordings BRILLIANT I'll go and have a listen Now

  2. Well I've listened To Peter....hmm dated cheesy rhythms agreed in fact terrible aweful by todays standards, and I will definitely wont by buying a Hohner SymPhonie organ on ebay at anytime.but if you dont listen you will never know

  3. Whatever floats your boat, I like the sound of this organ myself - there's more to come so don't lose heart!

  4. Is there anything that "the inimitable" Peter Hayward won't tackle? I downloaded this to have a listen to his Jeff Wayne tribute - I thought he'd lost his way during the transition between "Eve of the War" and "Forever Autumn" (perhaps it was the difficult manoevre of switching from the "rock" rhythm to "ballad" or something) but he pulls through in the end and ends up smiling (see back cover above bow tie)

  5. You had me fooled for a moment there - I thought you was saying this had the actual music as used on Kenny Everett's mime sketch. I downloaded it anyway but it's not the one though - the Kenny Everett version was from a library album by Skip Spence under the piece's proper title "Wachet auf" or "Watch it, Alf" as I always say...